Amber teething necklace – myth?

amber teething necklace
(Last Updated On: September 26, 2019)

I have been getting a lot of questions lately from moms about Baltic amber teething necklaces and especially about amber teething necklace science. In other words is there any scientific evidence behind all the claims being made regarding the healing powers of amber.

Before we answer this question, we should point out that wooden teethers are the safest teethers out there. You can check out our list of the best organic wooden teethers.

Amber teething necklace science – Do they work?

Amber teething necklace science

It is claimed that the amber in the neckless contains a compound called succinic acid which is released by the amber beads in response to that warmth of the baby and absorbed by the skin.

Succinic acid is also claimed to have been used down through the ages to relieve pain. However, there is no real scientific evidence to back up any of these claims.

On the other hand, many parents claim that an amber teething necklace does provide relief for a teething infant and this is the reason why they are so popular. It is also the case the parents will try anything to soothe and relieve a teething baby.

Since there is no scientific evidence supporting these claims, we instead recommend wooden teething rings to soothe your babies teething. Here is a list of the best wooden teething rings on the market.


What is Baltic Amber?

Baltic amber is and organic product formed from the resin of pine trees millions of years ago in Scandinavian, and around the Baltic Sea. It has been prized down the centuries for its beauty and medicinal properties.

Amber teething necklace safety

Amber teething bracelet

It is also worth pointing out that there is the possibility of a choking hazard associated with amber teething necklaces although this is minimal as they are not loosely fitted and break easily.

In the better quality neckless there is a knot between each bead so if it breaks the beads are held in place.

Babies should not be allowed to put the beads in their mouth. This should not be an issue if the neckless is fitted correctly. However, close supervision is advised.

However, if you are still concerned about safety there is an alternative, amber bracelets which can be worn around and ankle. Baltic amber anklets are a safer alternative as they avoid the possibility of choking. However, caution is still advised as they are small and there is a danger that the infant could put the entire anklet in the mouth.

Do amber teething necklaces work?

While there is no real scientific evidence to prove one way or the other whether they work or not, many parents will swear by them. Many others will dismiss amber necklaces as a myth or old wives tale. There is only one way to find out if they will work for your little one and that is to try one.

Amber healing necklace for adults

Amber healing necklace for adults

Amber healing necklace for adults are popular mainly due to their beauty but also for what many believe are healing properties. It is believed that they provide pain relief if worn close to the skin. It is also claimed that the amber contains succinic acid which acts as an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic.


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