Are Wooden Teething Rings Safe? (July 2020 update)

are wooden teething rings safe
(Last Updated On: August 10, 2020)

Are Wooden Teething Rings Safe?

As a parent, you know that baby teething can be tough and quite challenging for your little one. For that, most parents buy teething rings for their babies to ease the pain and reduce the discomfort. Often parents wonder – Are wooden teething rings safe? Honestly, plenty of plastic baby teethers on the market contain loose plastics, BPA, Benzocaine and other harmful substances you don’t want near your baby’s mouth. Considering these factors many parents turn to wooden teethers.

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But Are Wooden Teething Rings Safe?Are wooden teething rings safe?

We can easily say that wooden teething rings are the safest form of teething rings out there. When it comes to teething rings made of plastics and silicone, there are always health concerns. Wooden teething rings are a safer choice. If you would like to know more, here is a list of the best organic wooden teethers available on the market. When it comes to wooden teething rings, some parents are worried about splinters and sharp ends getting on the baby’s gums. To prevent that, some manufacturers use oils and bee wax to seal the wood, protecting it from damage and preventing splinters. With that in mind, you need to be careful when picking a wooden teething toy as not all oils are safe on your baby’s gums. To save you the time, we have rounded up a list of the best, safe wooden teething rings available on the market, made from organic material. We also have a list of the best maple wooden teething rings available as well.

Before you go further, check out the best organic wooden teethers.

There are also safe stroller options to choose from which we have reviewed here!


Quick Pick – Best Organic Wood Teether

If you prefer not to read though our entire lists, here is one of the best wooden teething ring available:

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Which Oils Are Safe For Teething Rings?

There are many teething rings that are sold unfinished such as the Onwon Wooden Rings. Others are finished with various natural oils. Here is a list of oils that are safe on your baby’s teether:

  • Tung Oil

Also known as China wood oil, Tung oil is obtained from crushing the Tung nut seed. This oil penetrates the wood and hardens upon exposure to air, giving the toy a waterproof finish. However, as Tung oil takes days to dry, Its mixed with a citrus solvent to dry easily. Some of the best wooden teething rings are made from Tung oil.Organic Wooden Baby Toy teething ringBoth the citrus solvent and Tung oil must be used in their pure forms to keep the teethers non-toxic. Ensure you check labels carefully to avoid teethers with oils and solvents containing turpentine and other chemicals that may potentially harm your young one.

  • Linseed Oil

Made from Flax Seeds, Linseed oil permeates wood well and is generally safe for your baby. It provides a slightly yellow tint while showing the wood’s grain. Linseed Oil teething ringNevertheless, only pure linseed oil is safe as boiled linseed has preservatives that may pose a health risk to babies. Linseed oil forms the coating for some of the best wooden teething rings on the market.

  • Nut Oil

Walnuts, almonds and other nut oils offer a glossy finish to wood and also offer a pleasant scent. However, these nuts can cause an allergic reaction to your child. As such, it’s advisable to offer teethers with nut oil only to infants who haven’t shown signs of nut allergies.Nut Oil teething ringAn example of a safe baby teether is the Homi Baby Montessori Baby Rattle coated with organic coconut oil.


What Wood Is Safe For Teething?What Wood Is Safe For Teething

Aside from the oil used in wooden teething rings, the type of wood used is also an important factor to consider for the safety of your baby. It’s best to pick a teether made of natural or organic wood, without any preservatives. Hard maple teething rings are the most recommendable, but you can also choose toys made of walnut, myrtle, madrone, and cherry.

Most types of hardwood can create a safe toy for your child to chew on, but you’ll want to stay away from softwood. That because softwood (or an evergreen) may contain various natural oils that are not safe for infants.

Benefits Of All-Natural Hardwood Teething Rings

While some parents avoid wooden teething rings for obvious safety concerns, here’s why you may want to reconsider:

1. Durable

Compared to both plastic and silicone, wooden baby teethers are highly durable. That means your teething toys will outlast any cheap teether you can purchase for your child. This durability allows you to avoid wastage of disposable products around your house.

2. Non-Toxic And Chemical Free

As you may have noted, most plastic teething rings on the market contain BPA and other toxic material despite being labeled “non-toxic and BPA-free.” Unlike plastic teethers, all-natural wooden teething rings are free from harmful metals like lead and chemical such as phthalates and BPA. This major safety factor is the reason why we recommend wooden teething rings to parents trying to stay away from silicone teethers.

3. Naturally Antibacterial

Did you know that natural wood contains antimicrobial properties? Well, the wood’s antimicrobial properties make it a natural antibacterial that helps in comforting the baby and easing teething pain. This aspect is a huge plus for wooden teething rings as we are all worried about germs in the toys that our kids chew on.

4. Sustainable

While offering great durability, wooden teethers made of natural wood are easy to maintain and clean. You can easily clean wooden teethers with a wet cloth and clean water, but you should avoid soaking in water not to damage the wood. Even better, most wooden teethers don’t need to be treated with oils or other substances like bee wax to maintain it.

How To Safely Clean And Sanitize Wooden Teething RingsCleaning and sanitizing baby teething rings

Just like any other teething toys meant for your little one’s mouth, there are concerns over safe cleaning techniques. Here is how you can easily clean and sanitize all your baby’s wooden teething rings.


Cleaning Painted Or Finished Wooden Teethers

  1. Moisten a sponge with an anti-bacterial liquid dish detergent and wash the finished wood toy. However, you should avoid soaking wooden teething rings as it may cause the wood to swell and lead to splitting or cracking.
  2. Quickly rinse on the tap and thoroughly dry it with a clean dish towel.
  3. Treat stains using a mixture of water and vinegar (in equal amounts) in a spray bottle. You can use a clean sponge to scrub the stains and dry the teething ring with a dishtowel. Vinegar is edible and safe for your baby.

Cleaning All-Natural Wooden Toys

  1. Moisten a clean sponge with water and liquid ant-bacterial dish detergent and wipe the natural wood teething ring.
  2. Moisten a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol until damp and rub the wooden toy all over.
  3. Dry the teether with a dishtowel. Avoid using a heating method while drying the toy as the wood may dry out and crack or split.
  4. To treat stains, rub the stained surface with fine grit sandpaper and use a damp sponge to remove the sandings. You can rub the wooden teether with salad oil using a cotton ball to protect the sanded area. However, you need to allow the oil to absorb before giving the toy to your child.

Bottom Line

If your baby is currently going through teething woes, wooden teething rings will be a great solution for their effectiveness and safety. These environmental friendly teething solutions are great for their durability and also the fact that they help you to avoid toxic substances in teethers such as BPA and Phthalates. Additionally, natural wooden teether may contain antibacterial properties.

So, are wooden teething rings safe? Well, all natural wood teethers are safe for your little one, but you need to be careful with teethers treated with oils and wax.

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