6 Great Teething Ring Ideas

baby teething ring
(Last Updated On: December 21, 2018)

Has your baby started teething? To help your baby and yourself get through this difficult time finding the right teething ring is a must. Here are some baby teething rings that are fun, effective and most importantly non-toxic for babies.

baby teething rings

Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace
Function meets fashion with this trendy teething ring. Choose from over 20 different colors to immediately dress up your baby’s preferred outfit and you will never leave your house without a teething ring again. The only let down of this necklace is perhaps its price. It is much pricier than other teething toys.

baby teething ring

Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether
Is your boy or girl gnawing on his or her hands? Here is a safer and cleaner alternative. The 4 prongs on this toy are shaped like small fingers, so the baby can chew on them instead. The only demerit for these baby teething rings is that they can pose a choking hazard because of its 4 prongs in case they break which is very rare because they are very firm but flexible.

teething rings

Sophie La Girafe
This popular teething ring is a favorite with the likes of Isla Fisher and Miranda Kerr. It is made from 100% organic rubber and gives babies something great to chew on. The only downside perhaps is that if you give it to your baby too soon he or she might have trouble learning to breast feed properly. Because of this wait a few months until the baby establishes breastfeeding before offering it to your baby.

teething ring

Rattle Teether Ring
This is one of the new items in Nibbling’s cabinet, but it is loved by many parents for its teething necklaces. It is made from silicon and it is soft for his or her gums and firm but very flexible for little hands. The only con is that the baby may become dependent on it so it is good practice not to automatically put it back into his or her mouth if it pops out when he is sleeping.


The Honest Company Butterfly Teether
You want everything that your precious one puts in his or her mouth to be safe and non-toxic. Apart from being BPA free, this teether ring is also free of latex, rubber, and other harmful chemicals.


Green Sprouts Soothing Ring Teether
Tried and tested, these baby teething rings not only gets the job done, but done well. Full of sterilized water; toss it in your refrigerator for a quick chill. Each bead has varied textures to soothe sore gums. The only con is that you must put it in the refrigerator to chill before your baby can use it.

Personally, I still prefer wooden baby teething rings because they are manufactured from natural wood. But it is also important even with wood to ensure that no dyes or other chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

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Hello, my name is Jone and I created this site after my first baby started teething and I was looking for a teething ring that was safe and contained non-toxic substances. I discovered that while there are many harmful, toxic teething rings out there, wooden teething rings offer the best and safest option.


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