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(Last Updated On: April 23, 2019)

Helping you find the best baby teethers for you little one.

Watching your infant grow is a feeling that is beyond expression but unfortunately, there’s one stage (usually within 5-7 months of birth) that is painful for the tiny tot. Yes! The teething age! This is the difficult age when your baby begins to develop teeth.

This is when your loved one needs your attention the most as their cravings to chew on something and will take every single available object that is within reach into their mouth. Babies do so because this random chewing comforts them and their favourite chewing items include blankets, toys, books, shoes, and even fingers.

I know that you are already aware of the problems that these or any objects within easy reach might cause to your little one especially if they get their hands on small or sharp objects. Keeping a constant eye on your baby is
required during waking hours which can be difficult as you are already suffering from a lack of sleep.

Teething rings and teething toys are the best baby teethers for most babies. They are generally regarded as a better solution than medication or painkillers. There are plastic teethers on the market that can be refrigerated and this helps to cool the gums.

The best teethers are small soft attractive toys that can be held and put into the mouth by the baby with ease. Unlike the random objects that your baby might get attracted to and chew, these specially designed objects soothe the baby’s gums by putting a little healthy pressure on the gums as he or she chews on them. A wide range of teethers and teething toys are available in the market made from different materials such as plastic, rubber, and wood, designed in attractive shapes and colors.

But just how safe are these products for your tiny soul? You would never want your child to accumulate harmful chemicals such as BPA or toxic heavy metals such as lead or cadmium in the body that might eventually result in serious health complications later in life.

Materials like PVC, plastics, and rubber need an introduction in this context as many are manufactured abroad and contain toxic chemical residues. When you are making a decision about something as essential as your infant’s well-being, choosing the safest product is a huge responsibility.

Wooden teething rings and teething toys are the best baby teethers and are one step ahead of the rest because of the very fact they are made from all natural sustainable materials. If you choose a quality US made wooden teether you greatly reduce the risks of exposing your child to chemicals or harmful materials. In fact, teethers made of natural wood have been revolutionary in eliminating this serious threat.

Apart from being a perfect choice for your baby, these wooden products are sustainable and eco-friendly. So, if you are looking for the best baby teethers for your babies teething problems then you should consider wooden teething rings and teething toys as a more health-conscious alternative.

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