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(Last Updated On: March 29, 2020)

Top 10 Best Maple Teethers

One of the most difficult times in the life of a baby and for mom and dad is the teething period. There’s non-stop pain that brings about the unceasing late night crying, as well as the general discomfort. Parents with teething babies are often desperate for ideas or solutions that will alleviate the pain of their babies so they turn to teethers.

But with concerns over safety with harmful plastics, parents are hesitant about using teethers made of plastic or even silicone. Most parents are turning to wooden teethers these days, specifically maple teethers. In fact, maple teethers are rather high on our list of items to reduce teething pains, so let’s take a look at our top recommended maple wood teether.

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1. Best Overall: Maple Teether Ring Pair

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The maple teether ring pair is probably the most popular maple wooden teether out there. And for good reason – this teether is handmade and are smoothened perfectly such that splinters or wood dust are completely removed. Equally important is the fact that no chemicals are used with this organic wood product. There is no paint or chemical finish. It is pretty easy to clean too – you just use water and mild soap.

2. Best Rattle Ring: Sprouts Ring Rattle

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The Green Sprouts Ring Rattle is another maple wood teether that shares a close resemblance with the Maple Teether Ring Pair. The only major difference is that it is a single ring with 2 or 3 smaller rings around it. They are designed to make rattling sounds which are appealing to babies and makes for a teething ring and toy in one. In terms of safety, tt contains no toxic paints or varnishes.

3. Best Teething Necklace: Wooden Teething Necklace

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This is a piece of jewelry made from sustainable maple wood. It was created as an alternative to regular jewelry which is made of components that can be harmful and will be ill-advised to let babies put them in their mouths. The wooden teething necklace can be worn by parents of teething babies. They are specially made to be gripped and tugged at.


4. Best Animal Inspired: Hedgehog Wooden Teether

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This hedgehog-shaped teether is made from bacteria-resistant maple wood, 100 percent organic and smooth. Babies love toys shaped like animals and this is no exception. Some also come with colorful rattles that kiddies like so much.


5. Best Finish: Hombae Wooden Teether

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This maple wood teether is sealed with completely organic beeswax and coconut oil. It also features cute removable bunny ears made of organic cotton. The wood is wiped clean and re-sealed with coconut oil.


6. Most Versatile: Wooden Toy Skwish

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It triples as a toy, rattle, and teether. It is made of wooden dowels, elastic ties, and beads that dance. It is easy to grab and can also be “skwished” and transformed into different shapes. It has no chemical finish.


7. Most Smooth: Wooden Spoon

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A good wooden spoon made from maple wood will definitely double up as both toy and teether. These are sanded down so smoothly that it eliminates the possibility of splinters. It is very easy for babies to hold and from the handle to the bowl, there are more than one place with varying shape to chew on.


8. Most Smooth: Wooden Phone/Calculator Teether

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If your baby is wont to chew on your phone, as are many babies these days, this is an alternative. It is hand-carved from hard maple wood in the shape of a smart phone just like your own. All edges and surfaces are smoothed out to avoid splinters or wood dust. That way, you can keep your baby away from your phone which is healthy for both your baby and your phone.


9. Best Design: Mickey Mouse Wooden Teether

If you happen to be a fan of Mickey Mouse and would like to introduce him to your kid, this is a good way to start. The teether, carved into the shape of the hard-to-miss head of Mickey Mouse is designed with all natural hard maple wood. The teethers are sealed with an organic coconut and beeswax finish, gifting them a silky texture suitable for soothing gums of babies.


10. Best Rattle: Wooden Hand Rattle Teether

The maple wood hand rattle is carved in the shape of a tiny pestle with equally tiny wooden rings around it. The rattles are 100 percent safe, make lovely sounds and work as a teether just fine. Easy to grip and hold on for babies. They come in three finishes.


Baby Safety During Teething

How do maple teethers help keep babies safe? Firstly, during this period, babies tend to put anything within the reach of their tiny hands into their precious mouth – anything just to relieve the teething pain. While there are no hard and fast methods or miracle items to help your baby escape this inevitable period in their lives, there is something that can help lessen the severity. Teethers are the common answer to this issue, but wooden teethers and specifically maple teethers help you relive your baby’s pain safely. Some do more than just serve the purpose of a toy or distraction, they also reduce pain and discomfort for the baby.


Teether Types

Why maple teethers? Among the different types in which the teethers come, organic wooden teethers and natural fabrics have been said to be the safest for babies. This is because they lack the many hazardous elements that may exist in the plastic or rubber alternatives. Meanwhile, if you decide to go with wood, maple wood is the number one go to wood for wooden teethers. For one, they tend to be splinter-free and can be hand-shaped into different forms as well as contain no harmful components.



Maple wood has been tested and trusted, for so many years now, to be the best option for wooden teethers. It has remained the best option. Besides the ones mentioned above, there are several other maple wood teethers available and many more are yet to come.


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