10 Best Organic Wood Teethers

organic wood teethers
(Last Updated On: August 6, 2020)

10 Best Organic Wood Teethers

If you’re a mother then you know that teething toys become a must to get when your little one is three to four months. The gums start to itch and irritate the toddler because of developing teeth. Your child’s front teeth will appear between a period of roughly four to six months. The teething process is especially irritating for the baby as they need to get that itch and irritation with a teether.

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Why Organic Wood Teethers?

Most teethers are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a type of toxic plastic softened with a toxic chemical called phthalate. However, plastic teethers of any kind are normally toxic and hormone-disrupting even if they say phthalate-free.

If you are going to use a teether, then it should be made of something natural and organic – not something that will harm their developing teeth or harm their soft gums.

An organic wooden teething ring will help in getting rid of the irritation and itching without doing any harm at all. The best time to give your child a wooden teether would be around this three to four month old period. Plastic and other materials can be harmful in some way or the other. But, wooden teething rings and toys come with layers of non-harmful coatings. These coatings can be oil or other edible or non-harmful materials that do not harm the child.

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Let us have a look at some of the best organic wood teethers:

1. Most Affordable Maple Teether Pair/Single

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Maple wooden rings are very common on the market. This is because they are the most preferred design and material all in one. This pair doesn’t have any kind of chemicals or harmful coatings.

They are instead coated with a layer of food grade oil like olive oil which gives them a natural layer of further protection. The maple wood used in this pair of teething rings is very durable. Your child can chew on it as much and for as long as he/she wants. Toddlers and parents generally love these rings because they are effective while non-irritating.


2. Most Versatile Natural Wooden Baby Toys Cotton Crochet Bunny Teething Ring Teether

These natural wooden toys are excellent as the first set of toys for your little one. The cotton bunny is soft and 100% natural. Moreover, it provides both a hard and soft surface to chew on for your little teething one.

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This teether is made with untreated wood that carries natural properties that protect is fibers. In addition, there is no need to constantly rinse the teether. To clean, you’ll just use a fine grit sandpaper and sand away any roughness. This will restore and clean the toy!. For the cotton, just use natural soaps and hand wash it.


3. Best For Pain Waldorf Maple Natural Teething Ring

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There aren’t many teething rings out there which help in relieving pain. There are teethers to help with irritation or itching but not to relieve pain. This organic wood teether product is made of natural maple wood.

Moreover, it also has a very smooth polish finish. Your child can chew on this for as long as required and get relief from those paining gums. Waldorf teethers are overall a very good and safe organic product for your baby.


4. Best Rattle & Ring Green Sprouts Ring Rattle

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What about a rattle and a teething ring in one? This product combines both and is a very good toy and teething ring all in one.

Your child can play and chew on it for as long as he or she wants. Additionally, it is also made up entirely of all natural organic wood. The rattling sound is a plus since it helps to keep your toddler entertained.


5. Simplest Rattle Camden Rose Cherry Rattle Ring

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This teething ring is another mix between a rattle and a teether. Children love to play with such things because they serve multiple purposes. They easily catch the attention of your child and is quite safe to play or chew upon.

Additionally, it also has a beeswax coating and is very soft to touch or chew. Camden cherry rings are made up of natural cherry wood which does not pose any harm.


6. Best Hardwood Grimm’s Natural Wooden European Teether

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This is a unique wooden teether because it is a German piece of perfection. Grimm’s hardwood is made up of alder hardwood and has a super smooth finish.

It has a plant based oil coating that is rather rare, but safe for the child. It would serve as a super cute gift for new mothers.


7. Most Attractive Haba Kringelring

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This is another unique piece of organic wooden teether. It is made up of an elastic band that forms a wooden teething ring. Haba kringelring has an attractive colorful structure.

It has different colourful wooden parts on an elastic ring connected to a main wooden semi-ring. As it is entirely wooden, it also makes a very attractive gift for new mothers as well as newborns.


8. Best Overall Manhattan Toy Skwish

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This is an all-rounder product – not just an organic wood teether. It is a teether, a toy, and a rattle all in one. It has a complex structure that is made up of wooden beads that are movable. The Manhattan toy Skwish doesn’t have any kind of coating or dye. Therefore, it is attractive for families that are a little careful regarding what should go into their toddler’s mouth.

Given, its complex structure it is not exactly the put-into-mouth-whole type. Your child can play with it and chew on it as well as learn through it. It is a great product for when your child is learning or developing and teething.


9. Best Maple Ring Maple Hardwood Wooden Teething Rings

Maple hardwood teething rings are hardwood wooden products. It is very safe for toddlers wanting to chew on to get relief from itching. The special thing about these products is that they are complete with a good organic polish which is normally organic beeswax and/or olive oil.


10. Best CoatingsNatural Wooden Baby Toys Cotton Crochet Bunny

These are tow toys all tied up into one toy like product. It is quite attractive for a child and serves its purpose safely. There are a variety of oils used as a coating on these teethers.

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These products have a coating of oils from jojoba tree, coconut, beeswax and olive. Such a mixture of coatings is not only helpful for the teething process, but prevents any abrasion or itching. In the long run, these make the product very durable and safe to use. However, teething necklaces are generally not recommended because they can cause serious harm including accidental strangulation.


What About Wooden Teething Ring Sets?

These are a set of wooden teething rings sold together. It is a product that the child can use even before he/she starts teething. Moreover, it is also available in different colors like yellow, green, purple among others. The best thing about these coloured rings is that these are made up of natural dyes and vegetable extracts. The colors aren’t derived from paints or artificial chemicals which are harmful for anyone. The paints are homemade dyes that have cabbage, turmeric, beets, and onion extracts.


Additionally, these wooden rings are a great toy for the child to play with and help with colour recognition. They also have a coating of beeswax, olive oil among others.


Safe Organic Wood Teethers

There are so many teether rings and products coming into the market as concerned parents required special products for their precious newborn. They may be made of plastic, silicone, wood or some other material. But as we know nature is the best, it is best to go for natural products rather than plastic or other products which may have carcinogenic materials and may add to further irritation.

Wooden teething rings are a blessing for parents who want the teething phase of their toddlers to go away without any harm. These wooden rings are not only natural, organic and safe but sometimes have extra protective coatings and natural dyes. Your baby can chew on them for a long time without damaging anything or consuming harmful artificial chemicals.



The teething phase is very tough for children as they get cranky and irritated due to the pain. To get something harmless to chew on is a gift for any mother who also is tired of her child biting down hard on her.


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