Best Remedies for Teething Babies

baby teething remedies
(Last Updated On: December 16, 2018)

Teething is a painful and scary time for your baby. It can also be a difficult time for parents. There are remedies for teething that will help your baby and provide some relief from the pain. Medication can be used as a last resort and there are quite a few natural ways to soothe a teething infant that are safer all round for your baby.

Remedies for Teething

Teething symptoms will show as early as two months as red inflamed gums. The symptoms will be discomfort, pain, and a light fever. There are three tried and tested methods that will some provide relief from the teething pain.
You can numb the gums, provide a little pressure to the gums and or use some form of medication. Here are three of best remedies for teething babies.

Remedies for teething babies:

• Hard objects:
Hard objects will be safe for your baby and it will not pose a choking risk. It will provide relief for your teething baby. Biscuits can be great for softening your baby teeth. You have to make sure that what your baby is chewing on is safe and does not contain any hazardous materials or small objects.

• Teething rings:
Teething rings come in all sizes with the variety of materials. They are generally safe for your babies teeth provided you ensure that the material used in the manufacturing process contains no chemicals or hazardous materials. Wooden teething rings are generally recommended over the plastic or PVC variety.

• Apple slices:
This is the best remedy for teething. Crunchy apple will be great for teething pain. You can also chill the apple to help soothe the gums.

• Cold cloth:
You can massage the gums with a cold cloth. Wash a cloth with cold water and then wrap it with your finger. Then you have to gently massage your baby’s gums with a little pressure. Allow your baby to bite and chew your finger.

• Drinks:
Food and drink are an effective natural teething remedy. Cool drinks will help soothe your baby’s gums. This will have a soothing effect on baby gums. Massage the gums by using the finger and gently apply the pressure to the gum where the tooth is coming. Vanilla extract will warm the gums and it will also have the soothing effect.

If these natural remedies for teething do not work which happens in some cases then you will have to resort to medication to restore some sanity to your home. Make sure that you consult your doctor before resorting to medication. Also be aware of the correct dosage you need to administer and educate yourself on any side effects of the medication.


  1. great article … thanks for sharing it…my baby boy is 5 months old and he’s teething..he’s putting his fingers into his mouth to reduce the discomfort.. and he is going through pain..i started searching for the remedies & some best advice’s finally i landed here…


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