Best Teethers For Molars

Best Teethers For Molars
(Last Updated On: March 29, 2020)

Best Teethers For Molars

As a mother, you know that teething can be fierce for both you and your baby. Rolling tears, numerous teeth marks on your furniture and sleepless nights are some of the tell-tale signs that your little one needs a teether. Unfortunately, not all teethers can reach the molars at all angles despite looking cute and attractive. Don’t worry though; we’ll help you pick your baby the best teether for molars.

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1. Best Overall: Manhattan Toy Skwish Teether

The Manhattan Toy Skwish is not only the best teether for molars, but it’s also an all-around great toy for your kid. It features a rattle, a teether and toy all combined in one to develop your kids motor skills. Its construction features wooden sticks and elastic ties that allow it to skwish or flatten and return to its original shape.

Carefully constructed with un-dyed sustainable wood, the Manhattan Toy Skwish is durable and safe for your toddler. Its unique design is quite fascinating for babies, while the smooth beads along the wooden dowels encourage grasping and playing with both hands. However, it’s not suitable for kids under four months.

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2. Best Texture:Green Sprouts Molar Teether

If you want a simple and functional baby teether for kids, then you can not go wrong with the Green Sprout Molar Teether. This soft and flexible molar teether features PVC-free silicone material that promotes a healthy oral development for your baby. It’s not only designed to reach the molars, but it’s also offer relief to all teething gums.

While featuring multiple textures to encourage oral development and soothe sore gums, this teether is ideal for kids above 12 months. The design will look attractive to some kids and it’s easy to hold and chew. Moreover, you can put in the sterilizer or dishwasher (only top rack).

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3. Best Design: Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

Often, fingers are the best teethers for molars. However, not many moms like to see their kids with their fists in their mouths all the time for obvious hygiene reasons. That’s why Comotomo designed this baby teether to mimic your baby’s little fingers. With a hygienic silicone material, the teether is not only safe, but also perfectly chewy for hours of silent bliss.

As one of the best silicone teethers out there, the Comotomo baby teether is intuitive to grab and hold. The four prongs mimicking the baby fingers are long enough to reach the back molars, but they are perfectly sized to avoid choking. Additionally, this BPA and Phthalate-free teether is safe in boiling water, microwaves, sterilizers and dishwashers.

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4. Most Hygienic: Zoli Bunny Dual Nub Teether

The Zoli Bunny teethers come with two bunny ears that reach all the way to your kids back molars to ease the pain. Its simple design makes it easy for your kid to use and it doesn’t have any loose parts that your kid may swallow. Moreover, this baby teether is Phthalate and BPA free, making it ideal for kids above the age of 6 months.

Unlike most baby teethers, the Zoli bunny gets both sides of the mouth thanks to its dual ears. The price is slightly high for its simple design, but its very hygenic and its overall performance is great for kids up to two years. Additionally, it’s light enough for toddlers to handle easily and is dishwasher safe.

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5. Most Attractive: Nurtureland Molar Teeth Soother

Available in two designs (strawberry and grape), the Nurtureland molar teeth soother is the best teether for molars if your kid loves fruits. With a super lightweight package and easy grip, this baby teether is simple for your little one to grasp and lift. Additionally, you can refrigerate it to give your baby an ice cooling effect on the gums.

With a soft texture, your baby will love chewing this attractive baby teether to soothe his sour gums. This molar teeth soother from Nurtureland is perfectly shaped to fit in your toddler’s small mouth, but it’s also big enough to prevent choking and gagging. Moreover, this durable and eco-friendly teeth soother is easy to clean with plain water, sterilizer or dishwasher.

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6. Best Hardwood Teether: Grims Natural Wood Grasping Hedgehog

Here at, our top recommendation is of course wooden teethers whether they are made from maple or some other type of safe wood. Designed for both teething and playing, the Grimm’s natural wood baby teether is among the best teethers for molars made of 100% natural wood. Handcrafted in Germany, this natural baby teether is finished with food-grade vegetable oil for your kid’s safety. It’s easy for your little one to hold and it’s safe to chew on since it doesn’t pose a choking risk.

Available in a Hedgehog design, this natural wood teether from Grimm is smooth on all edges for your baby’s comfort and safety. Additionally, it has a keyhole to allow you to attach it to your baby’s pacifier. Even better, it doesn’t splinter easily even after chewing on it for a long time.

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7. Best Organic Wood Teether: Maple Teether

This unique wooden teether made in the US has a simple design cut from hardwood maple and sanded smooth for your baby’s mouth. The Maple teethers come in different organic shapes, and they are great for your kid since they’re not bulky or hard to hold. Even better, they don’t require treatment of any kind with beeswax or other oils.

The maple teether’s smooth texture makes it safe for your kid to use and it doesn’t allow dust or dirt to stick easily. Nevertheless, you can easily clean it by wiping it with a damp cloth. However, you should avoid soaking it in the skink or putting it in the dishwasher.

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While teething can be a tough phase for your child due to sore gums, you can ease the pain with any of the teethers above and other homemade remedies. Our overall best teether for molars is the Manhattan Toy Skwish, but you should choose a toy that your child likes and enjoys chewing. You should also ensure that the baby can chew on the teether for a long period without consuming harmful artificial chemicals or posing a choking risk.


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