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wooden teething ring
(Last Updated On: September 26, 2019)
wooden teething ring

Teething is one of the rites of passage that all babies go through. While all the drug stores offer a range of medication and creams, any mother would worry about her babies’ safety and prefer to use a wooden teething ring over other means in reducing the discomfort of baby teething.

Unlike drugs and gel, wood teething rings are believed to be chemical free, and unlike teething biscuits, there is no risk of a baby taking too much salt, sugar or any other food that they are not supposed to eat. Teething rings have been on the market for a long time and have come in different size and shapes.

Today there are endless different kinds of teething rings available in the market. Thankfully they are all free of lead, in fact, all teething rings on the market are supposed to be non-toxic, but can you be sure they safe for your infant? Some are made of rubber, plastic or PVC which can contain phthalates or other toxic materials.

However, many parents want the best for their children’s and teething rings are not an exception. Choosing what is safe for your baby to place in his or her mouth is no small issue. Today, parents are lucky to have an option of buying an organic wooden teething ring. This is a more palatable choice for many mothers who want to raise their infants with only natural products.


Top 3 Wooden Teething Ring Review

Maple Teether Pair – Made in the USA.

For the very best wooden teething ring go for the American made attractive and durable maple wood teething ring set.

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You do not need to worry about chemicals with this natural wood product as it contains no paint or chemical finish. To clean simply use water and mild soap.

Baby Wooden Toy Natural Untreated Wooden Teether

The Ring Rattle is made from sustainable beechwood which contains no toxic paints or varnishes.

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This is not only a teething ring but a stimulating toy as well. Babies just love this.


MITTEEZ Organic Wooden Teething Ring

This is another 100% natural untreated solid bamboo wood teether with the addition of a fun 100% cotton crinkly ears.

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Again no chemicals are used to treat the wood.


Why Use Teething Rings?

Teething rings are meant to soothe the gum of a teething infant. When a child begins to have teeth this change is not without pains and discomfort. As a tooth breaks through the gum, babies may experience itching, throbbing pain and discomfort. Teething rings simply provide something which a baby can rub or gnaw against his or her gum to help alleviate the unpleasant sensation. Apart from helping to soothe the gum, they are also a bit of enjoyment to kids who like to hold things in their hands and put them in their mouths.


Why Use A Wooden Teething Ring As Opposed To Other Types

As I had said early in this article, a safer and a popular teething ring to consider is the natural teething ring made of organic cotton fabric and wood. A wooden teething ring is a natural, chemical free, and plastic-free product.

Some may also have the maple wood ring which has been finished with olive oil and beeswax combination to prevent the splintering. All of these mentioned teething rings are harmless and safe for the little ones to chew on and to play with. They do not have the harmful chemicals which can found in many plastic baby teething rings. Though a wooden teething ring is a bit more expensive than other teething rings, their benefits more than outweigh the cost.

The best type of wood to use.
This may sound less important to most of you, but you should always remember that all trees are not created equal, some may be safe while some are not safe no matter how untreated or organic they are. The recommended wood to use for wooden teething rings is the hard maple wood. Also, cherry wood, walnut, madrone, alder and myrtle woods can also be used.

Child safety.
Not sure about how to ease your infants teething pain after a warning from the FDA about the teething tablets and benzocaine present in baby Orajel? Try an American made wooden teething ring instead.



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